Link, url to comment


How to add a link to a comment or report or homepage where visitors can just click on it?

And is there possible to add a streaming video embeded code to se the video on home page?


HI Blisk,

Can you please clarify your first question? You can add links in comments and reports or even with a custom header for your homepage. Can you please provide more details about what your are aiming to do?

Are you using Crowdmap or Ushahidi platform?

The team added streaming video to their deployment. The code:





I tried to install the occupy team depoloyment but it seems to be based on a quite old version of Ushahidi (ver. 2.1). Do you know if there have been any updates on this deployment?

It seems to me rather impossible that would still be running ver.2.1, but I don’t know if they have released their updates on github…


HI Vassilis, I don’t believe that the folks released their code yet. I will inquire.

As per our other forum posts, here is the most up to date Plugin compatibility:


Correction - their code is live, just not merged into Ushahidi -