Layered categorisation


We would like to use Ushahidi to map an monitor instances of poor/no service delivery. We would like to be able to use Icons to indicate an incident type, for example power cuts or damage to roads, and then use colors to indicate a status such as reported, confirmed, resolved.


Is it possible to do this in the current version of Ushahidi, or will it require some customization?






Hi TigerCode, you can do this with either Ushahidi or Crowdmap.

In your dashboard, click “Manage”, followed by “Categories”. When you edit each category, you can change the corresponding colour and icon.


You might be able to pick out some Icons from the OCHA list provided on the blog this week.

Hope this helps,



Hi Heather,


What we currently have to do is create 5 different sub-categories for each type of incident with the same icon, which is unique to the type of incident, but a different color for each “status”. What we end up with is a category structure that looks something like this (very simplified):

Category : Power Failure

Sub-Cat: Power Failure - Reported (Yellow)

Sub-Cat: Power Failure - Verified (Orange)

Sub-Cat: Power Failure - Critical (Red)

Sub-Cat: Power Failure - Resolved (Green)

What we like to have is something like this … or similar…

Category: Incident Type

Power Failure



Category: Status

Reported (Yellow)

Verified (Orange)

Critical (Red)

Resolved (Green)

The Incident Type defines the the icon, but the color is determined by the status.

This would also allow us to filter based on the type of incident, the status of all incidents, or a combination of both…


I think that this may require a custom add-in :(  I might have to get our dev team to have a look.










HI TigerCole, this is definitely custom forms. Were you able to resolve it?