Language " arabic"


hi all ;

thanks for this script but i have problem with language;

is the script contain the arabic language.

i can see it in the selection of language but when i select it

no thing happen.

url :

what shout i do to make it arabic .



Go into your application/i18n/ directory and delete the directory named ar_LB. Go to and download ar_EG and put that in your i18n directory. Hopefully that works (and it's a more complete, better translation into Arabic, anyway).


thank you brianherbert



ok thats good;

but the direction now is ltr

i want it



Sorry, we don't currently have support for rtl text in Ushahidi yet.


Do you know when the support for ltr is coming up? Is there any date scheduled yet or anything new about the development so far?


I went to the link provided and the ar_EG did not exist - Can you re-post the Arabic translation - I could use it even without RTL support?




You can find the ar_EG language pack here as well:

Also, we moved the language packs a while back, you can find them here as well:


I'm Som Ath Ell From Cambodia. I would like your team to develop Ushahidi in Khmer(Cambodian Language)



Hi Ath Ell, would you be able to help us translate Ushahidi into Khmer?

We are transitioning to new translation software.

You can contact us via a number of communications channels.