Lack of user friendly description


Following is a critics about “usability”. In one case a report on a Ushahidi isnt suitable for the eyes to be read well.

See this description field pls:

With all the “high tech” behind an Ushahidi it seems very ridiculous, that users do not get well edited text infos in the description field of a report. - Isnt it ?

What you see in the upper report example is a copy & paste by notepad text editor of “pure text”, with regularly breaks, blank lines… after copying & pasting and pressing the submit button in a new report, all the simple formatting is gone. No more breaks or blank lines exist, instead the Ushahidi 2.5 does “word wrapping”. This does not make sense at all.

As we all miss lack of time in our daily, speedy lifes an editor of a new report should use minimum of time to do the posting. Its not suitable, that a reformatting by hand must be done again, if the text already exists well edited from other sources, e.g. from a Google Calendar (as single entry) or Facebook event calendar… e.g. in the upper named example both exist:

When can we expect a well edited “copy & paste” function where all simple pre-edited forms are kept ? - Tks in advance giving attention…




A problem was detected on the 2.5 release associated with content formatting. A fix can be found here

This will make it for the next release i.e 2.6 which is due in a couple of weeks.



Hello, dear Linda !

… tks… I replaced the line 106

old: <?php echo $incident_description; ?>

new. <?php echo nl2br($incident_description); ?>

But then I get on the report site an error message:

"Fatal Error: “Call to undefined functin n12br() in detail.php on line 106”

So I had to switch back to the old code. Seems the fix is not working.

I am not a programmer, coder or software developer. Just a simple user (coming from marketing side). So dont know whats going wrong ???



HI imcradiodotnet, were you able to resolve this?