Is it possible to


Hello to everyone. First of all, Im totally new to the map world, so forgive me if my question is too dumb and / or has been answered somewhere else that I haven’t been able to find. I’m helping on a project for a map on “quality of water” that should have the following features:

*Collaborative but only for members of the network
*Customized icons (to have a rank from, say, 5 to 1 on quality of water)
*Different layers of content (quality of water, quantity of water, rural / urban, etc)
*Possibility to change the language in certain features

I’ve been making reaserch for two days, and I’ve found about Ushahidi, but I’m wondering if anyone can suggest at least a draft of the workflow that I should follow. I’ve found too many options, add ons, libraries, and I can’t seem to find a beginning point. If anyone can throw some light on this lost sheep, I’ll be very very very very grateful.
Thanks a lot!


This is possible in V2 of the Ushahidi Platform ( but may not be exactly what you’re looking for. If you want to test this out before downloading the software and installing it on your own server, you can check out Crowdmap Classic (

From there, you can set up a deployment, create posts, etc. By default, you have to approve all new reports so you can choose to only approve reports by people you trust (members of the network). You also have the ability to have custom icons. The platform also allows you to switch between languages.

If you are comfortable with programming or software development, I would suggest you keep your eye on the development of our “V3” version of the platform ( and for code and for project management). It’s open source so if you would like to contribute to development, let us know and we can clue you in!


Thanks a lot! I’ll give a look at crowdmap.