iphone4 app ver 1.5 Server Error on report upload


I have just installed the iphone app and its excellent except that I get an Http/1.1 Internal Server Error when I try to upload a report.

My web instance is displayed properly with report pins that contain my existing reports - I'm guessing I've missed a setting somewhere.

Nice work on the app.


A little more info - the iphone is CDMA with ios 4.2.6

Thanks for any ideas.



I'm still having a problem with this -

Ushahidi log gives -

2011-04-22 09:29:42 -04:00 --- error: Missing i18n entry core.uncaught_exception for language Database error: Incorrect datetime value: '2011-04-22 09:28:00 am' for column 'incident_date' at row 1 - INSERT INTO incident (location_id, user_id, incident_title, incident_description, incident_date, incident_dateadd) VALUES (287, 0, 'Office test', 'IPhone', '2011-04-22 09:28:00 am', '2011-04-22 09:29:42')

Apache2.2 access.log shows the following after an attempted report upload from the iphone -

xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx - - [22/Apr/2011:08:38:52 -0400] "POST /hazard2/api?task=report&resp=json HTTP/1.1" 500 4764

Iphone api request is talking to the database with a GET

{"payload":{"domain":"http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx/hazard2/","version":[{"version":"2.0.2"}],"checkins":0,"email":"xxxxxxx@gmail.com","sms":"00000000000"},"error":{"code":"0","message":"No Error"}}

phone number and ip obscured

thanks for any help,



I am having this issue with an iPhone 4S with Ushahidi 2.0 and iOS 5.1.

I receive the http/1.1 Error 500 Internal Server Error on my map and posting errors on other maps. I will be testing android tonight to verify it isn't isolated to the iOS build and can report back tomorrow.


I tried this on the Android version and received a different error that stated I should check my server log and that there was a server error on upload. I think that we should be using more intuitive error messages for the mobile application.


Does the Ushahidi server have to be updated to v2.0+ to work with the mobile application for uploading?


HI Jaylc, I will ask our android and Ios developers to investigate