iPad app. New report crash


Hey Tommy and Kevin,

Ushahidi iOS 1.9 is now available on the App Store


Can you verify the new version resolves your problem?



Hi Dale,

Version 1.9 has just come through the app store to me, so here's an early bit of feedback.

I think i've some good news and some bad news.

Good news - at the moment the crash does appear to be eliminated (at least on the first couple of reports that i've chanced). I will continue to test during the day and let you know should there be further crashes.

The bad news - when I do a new report, it defaults the Location to Amirantes, Seychelles (52.284107, -6.371435). Now looking out on my very grey damp morning here in Dublin, Ireland, I may dearly wish I was in the Seychelles ;) but alas, a grey, damp and dreary Dublin will have to do for me. So I guess the bad news for me is it doesn't appear to be taking in an accurate gps fix as it was previously (v 1.8 allowing for the intermittent crashing). The gps 'arrow' does briefly flash in the iPhone's status bar so it would outwardly appear to be taking its gps fix from the iPhone.

Perhaps you'll have some thoughts on the cause of this issue?

Again, i'll continue to test during the day and post any additional observations if I have them.

Thanks again,



Hey Tommy, I think I found the problem, silly mistake, will push an update asap.

Wish I could test the MKReverseGeocoder but unfortunately it doesn't work in my timezone :(


Hi guys - ver 1.9 fixes my report crash and my database issue. Thanks Dale - the parsing for the geocode must have inserted some junk in the upload. Still a couple of issues, though.

After successfully submitting a report and 'Approving' it in the deployment I get a duplicate record in the iphone app. Only 1 record exists in the database. Verification does not - I have to Approve and then a sync will give me a dup on the iphone.

Also, if I delete any report from the web deployment it is not deleted from the iphone after a sync.

I have to delete the 'map' from the app and reenter the url to get the correct list of reports.

All my gps locations are correct, however my default location says 'antarctica' - 'seychelles' would be better, but actually its pretty darn nice in Vermont, USA today.

thanks for your help,



Dale / Kevin,

Antartica - lol! Kevin, I think I might have gotten the better deal (at least virtually)

Dale, 1.10 has just hit the app store and i've updated to the iPhone.

Good news this time, I'm no longer in the Seychelles, I'm right back at home in Ireland. No crashes either. Thank you :)

I'll keep testing to make sure, and I'll be at a different location tomorrow and will test it again, but at least for now all looks good.




Dale, Tommy -

Ver 1.10 also gives me the correct default locations. Thanks Dale.

I still have the deletion/duplication issue when the app is sync'd.

(see above) Is there any attribute I can check on the database side?

best, Kevin