iPad app. New report crash



Installed ushahidi ok. Downloaded the app ok. Showing my maps ok. Showing all reports entered on the website ok. Having problem with reporting on the iPad and iPhone, the app crashes when I click the new report button. It crashes with every map, not just my one one. It crashes also on the iPhone.

Ay help appreciated.



Hello all,

I have the same experience as Tim.

The new iphone app (1.7) also crashes on my site as well as the Ushahidi demo site. Same situation as Tim - opening a new report.

I am using a CDMA (Verizon) iphone with ios ver 4.2.8

thanks in advance,



I notice there is a new ios app due in about a week - hopefully this bug has been noticed.




Thanks kbehm and Timwillo for your report.

I haven't experienced this problem, but will investigate the issue.




Hey kbehm and Timwillo,

What version of iOS are you running on your iPhone and iPad?

Does the application currently have a 3G, Edge or Wifi connection?

Any other information you can provided that can help me recreate the problem would be greatly appreciated.



Hey guys,

I am unable to create the problem in the iOS simulator, iPhone 3G or iPhone4.

My guess is that the problem might be related to Verizon iOS 4.2.8 fix for Location Tracking Bug


Can you verify your Location Services settings are enabled for Ushahidi?

Settings > General > Location Services > Ushahidi


Thanks for looking into this Dale -

I am using a CDMA (Verizon) iphone4 with iOS ver 4.2.8 (8E401)

with 3G.

Location services are ON and Ushahidi is listed as ON. Reports are imported fine from the server, but just tapping the new report icon will bring up the form then an immediate crash of the app. I've used ver 1.6 with a date issue on upload which I think 1.7 addresses, without the new report problem.



Dale -

I don't have access to wi-fi right now, but if I turn off 3G data

the new report form does not crash. Turning 3G back on allows the report to be edited and saved. The Location Tracking upgrade may well be the problem.

I'll be able to try wi-fi later today.



Wifi works for me to open and fill out a new report form. So the upgrade mentioned earlier is suspect.

However, the database error I'm having still exists under ver 1.7. I was hoping the date/time work you've recently done would have helped.

thanks, Kevin

Here's my application log file entry -

2011-07-08 12:53:56 -04:00 --- error: Missing i18n entry core.uncaught_exception for language Database error: Incorrect datetime value: '2011-07-08 12:52:00 pm' for column 'incident_date' at row 1 - INSERT INTO incident (location_id, user_id, incident_title, incident_description, incident_date, incident_dateadd) VALUES (23, 0, 'Wifi', 'Office', '2011-07-08 12:52:00 pm', '2011-07-08 12:53:56')


Hi folks,

I'm a colleague with Tim above, so hopefully can add some debug information here that will be useful for you.

Firstly, I'm working on a different iPhone. It's a brand new iPhone V4.3.3 installed and I experience a similar problem - but intermittently.

Also, in terms of context, I used the version of Ushahidi iOS available in the app store about a week ago, and have updated to the latest version in the app store which updated to my phone yesterday - the problem has occurred with both.

At present I am at home, and the issue doesn't present itself (too often, but does occasionally), however when at my place of work (about 35 miles away) the issue certainly does present itself regularly - actually, mostly.

The config at home is the iPhone mentioned above iOS 4.3.3 with mostly a GPRS connection. It works ok with either location services ON or OFF in the iPhone settings. This config appears to work fine and is consistently ok.

I can't be definitive at present as to when it causes the problem (i will give better attention next time to the exact config), but when it happens it is quite immediate. ie. when you press the new report icon on Ushahidi iOS, the blank input form appears, the gps icon (arrow upper right of status bar on iPhone) appears, and a curious (not sure what it is) rotating circle appears beside the gps icon - attempting gps fix perhaps?. I don't know what that means or whether significant or just a coincidence. What I can say in terms of the config is that it is usually repeatable when I am at work where I would have 3g available to my iPhone.

Does that mean that a combination of 3g plus gps seeking a co-ordinate fix initiates the issue? Perhaps? But again, I can't be definitive at the present point.

I will continue to try and update the specific conditions as soon as it reoccurs on me.

Much appreciate the efforts to resolve this guys and by all means request any tests that we can assist with - we'll be happy to oblige.




Thank you guys for helping debug this issue.

Starting at version 1.6, the application does a reverse geocode lookup to convert the latitude and longitude into an actual street address, which then populates the Location input field with this value.

Based on your comments, I'm suspecting the issue may related to this reverse geo-lookup.

I'll have another look at the code to see if I can stop any potential problems.

I've been unable to recreate the problem, looks like its only a CDMA issue so any other debug information would be helpful.


Tommy and Kevin,

Would it be possible to submit your crash report to Apple?

Doesn't look like there are any crash reports for the current version in iTunes Connect.

Also Kevin, which deployment are you posting to? I can test submitting a report from the Simulator...




Hi Dale,

I think i've submitted them (needed to do some device changes in iTunes, resetting warnings) so apparently you should have them in your itunes connect a/c? If not let me know an email I can send them to you as I can see them on the local machine when sync'd with iTunes.

A little additional debug information from today.

I managed to get Ushahidi to crash again ( i know, i shouldn't sound so pleased ;) ) When away from home I turned off the phone and back on and it picked up 3g. I immediately went into Ushahidi and hit the new report. Bingo! The app crashed as outlined previously - fairly immediately once you hit the new report option and the input form appears.

Now, that being said, I also managed to successfully create reports using 3g (not too far away geographically from the crashed report) so the issue does appear more intermittent than predictable but more likely i would say on 3g.

For info, i'm using a test deployment of Ushahidi on crowdmap.com (which is excellent guys!)

Let me know if you need further info or testing,




Dale -

This new report crash may not be just limited to 3G (on Verizon) - today I am unable to send a report via wifi and I could yesterday. I don't think I've done anything different....

Concerning the database issue -

Feel free to send a test report to I downloaded a fresh install from github (ver 2.0.2 db ver 57) thinking it could be my database. But now I can't send the report to test it.

I can send back any log files generated. Logging is set to '1'

thanks, Kevin


Hey Tommy and Kevin, thanks for your help debugging this.

Tommy, can you email me your log file to dale@ushahidi.com? I'm not seeing any log reports in iTunes Connect.

I'll continue to debug the issue...


Tommy and Kevin, I'm now beginning to suspect that MKReverseGeocoder may be the culprit.

Here's a blog post with more information about the problem with MKReverseGeocoder:


To get around this shortcoming when MKReverseGeocoder fails, I fallback to manually calling http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?latlng=%@,%@&sensor=true to obtain street address directly from Google.

When I test here in Nairobi, MKReverseGeocoder fails with a MKErrorDomain error 4, which falls back to obtaining address via maps.googleapis.com.

My guess is that because you are in a different timezone, the MKReverseGeocoder succeeds and the app crashes while parsing the response.

I'll continue to investigate the exact cause...


Ah-ha, think I may have found the problem, pushing 1.9 to the App Store with the fix.

Stay tuned...


Hi Dale,

Thanks for that. I think Apple only update the Connect a/c each 24 hours so it may take a while for them to appear. Anyhow in the meantime, i've attached the .crash reports what I've found and have emailed them to you at the address given.

Hopefully they will assist.

Oh, and by the way - the mobile app is pretty fantastic - kudos to you guys! :)




Tommy, good news!

Thanks to yours and Kevin's help, I believe I've tracked down the problem, just submitted Ushahidi iOS 1.9 to the App Store with the fix.

Once it gets approved, can the two of you update and verify all is well?



That's excellent Dale,

As soon as it comes through on the app store i'll put it through its paces and report back.