Interval problem


Hello there.

SMSSync seems great, but I need my phone to be able to ping for messages every 30 seconds or so. Everything needs to be more real time you see.

Is there any way you could conjure up a quick fix with this option?

I would be very happy if you could, I could maybe even pay you a bit to do it (although my budget is limited).

Sincerely Steven


I have a customized version of SMSSync 0.8 Android app that may do what you are asking. When you say "ping for messages" do you mean have the Android forward incoming SMS messages to the Ushahidi web site (AutoSynch Frequency in the settings)?

I've subscribed to this topic, so if you post a little more information, I should get an email. I think it is good to keep the discussion here so others can benefit.

Stan VanDruff


Thank you so much for your reply.

We need to be able to both send and receive messages faster than the 5 minutes. I think that the feature was called AutoSunch yes (I am on vacation and unable to charge my phone).

I would be very happy to try out your version of the app, but I noticed that the newest version is 1.1.9, hasn't there been a lot of bug fixes since then?


I did some checking, and the version ours is based on is 1.0.5. The 0.8 was the SMSSync plugin, not the app. I don't know what bugs might have been fixed in the interim since the developer doesn't provide any information in his release notes.

Unfortunately, our variable frequency was only added to the task checking feature, not the Auto synch.

When you say you need to send and receive messages, are you using Ushahidi's reply to sender feature to send SMS out from Ushahidi? We had to patch the SMSSync plugin and the App to get this to work. If it is working now (the app calls it "Task Checking") in the official codebase, I'd love to know.


We are developing our own server software, so I am not sure about Ushahidi. But actually it is more important for us that we are able to send messages fast, than it is important that we get replies fast, so I think it would be ok if the AutoSynch is slow, if Task Checking is fast enough.

I think we would like to have a look at your android app and see if it will work, if you don't mind sharing :)


I'll be very happy to share. Shoot an email to stan "at" (that's me) with your contact info. I can send you the app along with the source code. I think we made a small patch (corrected a variable name) to the SMSSync plugin, too.

I just dug through our bugbase and source files, and I've discovered that the coder did't document the changes very well. I shot him an email asking him to provide an explanation of what he did. At this moment I only have the source code. I'll be happy to send that to you follow up with more information shortly.