Integrating with Ushahidi Hosted Installs


I'm doing work on an Ushahidi installation for an emergency medical team that rapidly responds to international disasters. They've traveled to Haiti and Chile this year to provide medical aid in the days immediately following the earthquakes there.

On the inevitable next mission they'd like to use their Ushahidi installation to track a number of things, but are wondering if there is any way to "integrate" some or all of their reports with a bigger picture map such as what was provided on or

Is the only way to go about this submitting a report to both sites or is there a way to submit once and have it appear both places. I imagine sending an email report to both would be an option, anything else?



How about using the sharing feature at the admin?? admin/settings/sharing


I don't see this feature any more, there used to be a sharing code but on new version its not there - I see there is a sharing feature but I can't find anything on forum about how it works - have added the url of another instance but the reports are not getting pulled through. Is there still a facility for sharing info?