Integrating swift river with ushahidi


I installed both swift river and ushahidi on my server . According to the video tutorial of swift river , ushahidi should have an option in the admin section where I can mention the swift river feed url . However I could not find this option in my admin for ushahidi .

I even tried installing ushahidi for the source pulled from github , but that too didnt have the option .

Another discrepancy I saw from the video was that my swift river instance does not have the admin login section .

What am I missing ?


Prachit, please keep in mind that the current SwiftRiver releases are alpha and still quite buggy. As for the missing Ushahidi link. The only version that has that is 0.0.9 available at The next version to have it will be the Beta to be released on August 30. The reason we took it out was so we could make it work with our plugin architecture so users can integrate Swift with a number of platforms.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but thanks for being an early adopter! In our case, a premature adopter!


Thanks a lot jongos . For the moment , I will shift back to the older release as you suggested .

Would be waiting for the August 30 release . Thanks again for the wonderful software .


Thanks a lot, I was facing the same problem. Couldn't find the admin login section as instructed on video.



There is a new release of swift out. You can read more about it here