Installation of Ushahidi 3.6 on Dreamhost shared hosting


Is it possible to install Ushahidi 3.x on a shared hosed environment? I downloaded the tar.gz file unzipped it and loaded up to the dreamhost server. I’ve set up the db and set the .env file.
Its on an https server - so I uncommented the lines in the .htaccess file in the platform .htaccess file.

When I load the site I get the Sorry, something went wrong. Try reloading the page. error.

In dev tools in the browser I’m a 404 error on getting platform/httpdocs/index.php -

Is this an .htaccess file problem? Or am I missing some files?



Hi Rob!

it’s generally possible to install 3.x in a shared hosting environment. The details of course vary from provider to provider.

Could you share with us the URL of your host so we can poke around and try to identify the problem?


Here you go and thanks so much!


It looks like, essentially, the API is working ( i.e. )

The .htaccess files seem to not be having any effect, though. Are there any settings in dreamhost to do the equivalent of apache’s AllowOverride and ensuring that mod_rewrite is working?

In the worst case, I think maybe you could tweak your file, so that backendUrl is set to “/platform/httpdocs/index.php/” . That may do the trick.

Hope this helps!


Yup that worked! (updating the config.js file) Thanks!

So I’m not sure I need the answer to the following question:
I was struggling with writing the .htaccess file to meet the requirements in the install doc. Is there an example of an .htaccess file that will “pass the requests to /platform/api/v3/* are to be forwarded to the index.php script inside/platform/httpdocs” ( quoted from the install doc)


The problem doesn’t seem to be so much the content of the .htaccess files themselves. The ones that are distributed usually work, unless you want special stuff like installing under a path in the webroot).

As far as I could see yesterday, the problem seems to be more like dreamhost is not honouring those .htaccess files at all.


Can it also be installed on a goaddy shared hosting server?


We haven’t tried Godaddy around here at Ushahidi, maybe someone else in the community has tried…