Inserting Twitter and Facebook widget Blocks on Home Screen



I am running Ushahidi 2.6.1 and I would like to Embed 2 widgets [fb and twitter] above the “Official News” and “Reports” block on the home screen similar to , please let me know , thanks.



HI Praveen, did you resolve this yet? I saw that you were discussing it on the skype developer chat




I’d like to insert the same blocks as spraveenitpro; i tried to sort out the issue through the Developer’s Guide but unfortunately i’m not skilled enough. Could you help me?

Thank you in advance,




Is there any other community or forums where I can get help regarding similar issues?


Hi Shan and Praveen, I know that you have received help on the skype chat rooms. I’ll close this off now.



so skype chat is the official channel now? this is not fair, how i can get information or development hints or even support regarding ushahidi platform? nothing is clear regarding these info and whenever i look for information in the site looks messy, don’t know where to look, or ig et broken links to resources download, files… which doesn’t really looks good and no information are provided on how to do main things in ushahidi !
anybody can help? or where to post the requests please?


did you find any place where you can get help?


Hey @derikdavid and @shanrizvi, apologies for the delayed response. Skype is just one of the channels we use to collaborate with our community.

The forums and our mailing lists(send an empty email to
) are also still a good place to ask questions.
Github issues is the best place for bug reports -

Please feel free to get in touch with me via as well.