IM (WhatsApp, Viber...) support


Dear community,

I am evaluating Ushahidi for a social project. Most of our potential clients are communicating via Viber or Whatsapp in order to save money. They are not necessarily willing or able to download/use a customized App. Does anyone know of a working interface for forwading incoming messages from Viber and Whatsapp into Ushahidi?

  • Ushahidi Pingapp mentions WhatsApp in its docs, but I am unsure whether this functionality has been implemented already
  • There is not much on the web regarding Ushahidi + Viber but it should be possible, as there are Android apps which seem to be able to listen in on incoming Viber messages, at least on jailbroken phones (

Obviously, the cleanest way would be to connect to a third party messenging service, Twilio or Nexmo don't seem to support those closed protocols (on the first glance)

Any hints or suggestions how to proceed, or whom to contact?

Thank you! TobiasĀ 


Do any known attempts exist in this direction?
Tried anybody to integrate ushahidi and viber?


Probably too late now, but this should be possible with NodeRed through Viber (but not WhatsApp).

You can set up a RedBot interactive chat that reads Viber messages, see:

and then use this Ushahidi node (that hopefully still works, not actually tested by me):

to post messages to Ushahidi.

The cool thing is that the bot could interact with the user and ask a few question first and then everything gets collated into a single Ushahidi post.