I give UP!


I´ve had it with Kohana!

I´ve spent the most part of this and last week trying to work out how to use kohana and im getting nowhere fast. There is no tutorial for Kohana v2 apart from kohana101 which like all the other tutorials, gets you to make a couple of pages, send an email and that´s it!

All other tutorials and documentation are for various versions which can´t be applied to Ushahid as this is still v2!!!

after sooo long, I can´t even save data from a form into a database.  I could have done this in 30 minutes using raw php code!

Using Ushahidi´s code is no help whatsoever because it is very long and complicated using a whole range of class inheritance so that you have to read code for days(literally).


As I said, I´ve given up…pitty ushahidi won´t be rewritten into a well documented php framework.