HTTPS url on smssync



I have a https webserver with self signed certificate.

I can´t get it working with SMSsync. If I start the webserver without ssl (only http), the SMSSync can connect, but if I start the server in https mode, SMSSync can’t connect.

Doing the curl command (of the documentation) it gives me the following error:
curl: (35) schannel: SNI or certificate check failed: SEC_E_WRONG_PRINCIPAL (0x80090322) - The target principal name is incorrect.

Any suggestions of what Im doing wrong?

Best Regards


I think SMSSync relies on the default for most SSL client implementations, which is to bail out when something looks not quite right.

Maybe the easiest is to instruct the Android system to trust your self-signed certificate? I’m not sure if and how that’s done, it’s just usually an alternative in desktop systems.

Failing that, I’d say you have two choices here, either set up some proper certs in your webserver (i.e., with Let’s Encrypt), or change SMSSync code to instruct the SSL library to take any certificate, then build your own .apk

I hope this helps!