.htaccess file is not writable


Hi guys,

I’m going nuts, I changed file permission of the file .htaccess that is locate in the directory

mysite/installer/mod_rewrite (now is 777)  I still get the error .htaccess file is not writable

Is there any other .htaccess that i have to look at?




Maybe you should change permissions for directory too? It happens :wink:


Hi Lidka,

I did that already, not working at all :frowning:


HI Kentmere, were you able to resolve this?

We have a wiki article about installation? https://wiki.ushahidi.com/display/WIKI/Installing+Ushahidi





Hi there,
You solve your problem?
I have the same with all directories… application/config, application/cache, application/logs, media/uploads and .htaccess. They have the 777 permission.


Don’t forget to add this

“<Directory [your-document-root-directory]>”

AllowOverride All