How to set map's default view



My name is Rainier Dy Ico Ripalda, a programmer from the Philippines. I am new and very interested to learn Ushahidi. I would like to know if there’s a way to set the map’s default view? Like, can I set it to show the Philippines as the map’s default view instead?

Thanks in advance,



Login as Admin

Goto Settings then select Map

Click and drag the map to set your exact location. And also choose a zoom setting.

Then select save settings.


Thank you very much for the help, SteadyJay!

I have an old version of Ushahidi because I’m very apprehensive about upgrading it to the latest version. I might lose my current user’s list.

It seems that in this version, I can only adjust the zoom and not the coordinates. Am I missing something? Should I upgrade?




HI Rdripalda, we have created a few ways to help you upgrade:

  1. Documents on the wiki:

be sure to check plugins -

  1. upgrade days on May 30 - 31 - join us and get help

Thanks steadyjay for the kind help too