How to protect watchdog from corruption and inspire transparency?


This does not really apply directly to Ushahidi, so I’m not sure this belongs here. Please advise where best to ask such a question if not here.

How can a corruption watchdog group protect itself from corruption and inspire transparency? If such group were to collect reports, say using Ushahidi or whatever tool, how can such group be trusted to faithfully compile data and produce authentic reports?


your input appreciated, thanks.


HI Naim, I have been talking with the folks from Transparency International. There are a number of corruption mappers. We are looking to build tools and best practices for these types of mappers. Would you like to help?

There are a few excellent projects that have integrated these methodologies:


  1. Metodi and team at Transparency Watch have excellent practices as well


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Transparency in reporting on anti-corruption measures: a survey of corporate attracts and inspires the best of the class to join this venture.