How to pin/search post for a non-local location in new Crowdmap?


Anyone know how to create a post for a location you are not at, in Crowdmap (not Classic)? Once your position is located (or if you decline to allow being located) there seems to be no way to accurately pin a non-local location, the search field in the “Add a new place” doesn’t move the pin and the map doesn’t zoom enough to place a pin accurately. Tried the main screen search for a location, but it doesn’t work… Any ideas? Thanks so much.


thanks for post


There has been some improvement in functionality that allows me to do this now, though there is no search for an address option that works yet. All I’m able to do is to let a new post locate me by clicking on the pin, then “add a new place” from the bottom of the list of places that come up, then scroll by using the map in the window above (this only zoomed in enough using the OpenStreetMap setting for the map tile choice under the map settings) and drop a pin at the desired location. To save the location for the post you fill out the top field under the map for the address and the lower field for the place name.