How to get rid of select a city dropdown


Hello Community.

I am from India, just created a instance on crowdmap and want to use it to receive a few civic issues in my City.

In Submit a report, I see “Select a city” dropdown, just below “Find a location near you”. I don’t need this as I am focused on my city only. In the map box all the area under city is covered. How to hide this dropdown?

Also is it possible to submit a report from city only? like in alerts we can receive alert when a report is submitted within say 20 kilometers from red making. Can such restriction can be imposed while submitting report? like a user can submit report from within 20 kilometers only from the red marking so that unnecessary spamming can be avoided.

If not possible from crowdmap can this be achieved from an installed instance of Ushahidi with some hard coding?

Thanks & regards.