How to add authentication on ios app




have just turned on user authentication on the admin pages, and via the website you can log in, but how do I do that via the app? when I add the map with the url it shows up and says “user authentication required” but then no way for me to enter it…


Any ideas?




HI Ramotswa, Do you have screen shots of this error? I am not familiar with it.

Are you using the latest version of the ios app?


Hi hleson,

Yes I’ve got the latest version. And I’m not getting that error anymore - but if I set my deployment to being ‘private’ and then add the site by url to the app (iphone) it’ll accept the url and add an entry to that first page, but it doesn’t sync. When I tap it to go into it, there is just a map and no reports. Where would I be putting the authentication in? Should it pop up?




Hi Ramotswa,

Authentication for private deployments via the iOS app hasn’t been built in yet, which is why you have been unable to sync reports when your deployment is set to private. You can log this as a feature request on the iOS repository:-




Hi!! There’s still not available authentication at the ushahidi android and iphone apps?

Thank you!