How fast is SMSSync with Multiple Users? Potential scale?


Anyone test the app with dozens of simultaneous users? Have it running on a stock Nexus 4. With one syncurl it runs fast. When I add a second syncurl with just one users, the system seems to slow down considerably.

Any data on potential scale for this system? Can it handle hundreds of users?



Hi Olagon,

Android enforces an outgoing limit of 100 SMS messages per hour.However, there are ways to override this limitation. Check this thread for details.

Hope this answers your question?



Thanks Angela. Yes I saw that. Am wondering if I have 200 users that hit the system often, will SMSSync manage that flow without much delay? This is assuming I lift the 100 text messages per hour limitation. What’s the biggest system SMSSync has been used for in terms of SMS messages per hour?

Thanks! Olin


The app hasn’t been that much stressed with such number of users. There is a defect with the app which when it’s syncing over 300 messages, it tends to slow down considerably. However we are in works to get this addressed. As far as 200 users are concerned, I cannot really answer but I strongly suspect it will slow down. As it has to go through each enabled syncURL and pass the messages through each.