How can I change the report thumbnail image sources?


Hello everyone! I’m very new to Ushahidi.  I’m on version 2.4.1 (need to upgrade!) anyway

I have noticed that if a report is created the only way to get a thumbnail is within the reports_listing.php file I see the

$incident_thumb = url::file_loc(‘img’).“media/img/report-thumb-default.jpg”;

$media = $incident->media;

if ($media->count()) {

foreach ($media as $photo)


if ($photo->media_thumb) {

// Get the first thumb

$incident_thumb = url::convert_uploaded_to_abs($photo->media_thumb);





My question is, when filing a report the image is loaded into tinymce from instagram/twitter how can I get that image source into my report thumbnails instead?  I’m new to PHP too, so how do you code for:

if no image --> show default gray thumbnail

if user uploaded image --> use that for thumbnail OR use the source from instagram/twitter/etc

I hope that makes sense! I really could use some help :slight_smile:





HI Nwestwind, sorry that we weren’t able to respond in a timely manner.

I’d like to invite you to join Upgrade Days. We will be helping folks and supporting each other as deployers get on the latest version.


You can also reach out on our mailing lists and skype chat:


The help here has been pathetic, seriously, YEARS have gone by and no one helped. I’m also greatly disappointed that the documentation has disappeared as well, so old installations are getting harder to maintain.


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