How can I achive this but on frontpage wider and taller map?


I found the option of having "a wider and taller map" but when you are inside an incident

Then how can I make this wider and taller map available all the time on the main front page. I think this have been over and over requested and is about time to provide a howto, am I right ?

I look forward your comments

Juan Fach


Will try to find it out and let you know if I succeed.



This is actually pretty easy! You need to edit /themes/default/css/style.css (unless there's an equivalent for the theme you use). Ctrl-f for "573" and change it to the width you want and Ctrl-f for "366" and change it to the height you want.

According to how much you change the width, you might also have to change the width of the Categories box on the right.

Hope this helps!



Oops! To resize the right hand side of the main page (to accommodate the wider map), you also need to modify width of "div#right" and the right margin of "div#main .withright div#content". I suggest using Chrome's awesome Inspect Element tool for making sure everything works.