Help me get Twitter to work


Hi all,

I just (re)started my Ushahidi platform. Version ID is 2.7.4. All seems OK, except that I cannot get Twitter messages to appear on the platform. My twitter credentials are validated and I set up the hashtag correctly. AM I missing something? Is there some in-between platform that would make twitter messages appear on the platform?

Second question - Is Swiftriver still aggregating twitter feeds?

All ideas welcome.



I test the message twitter backend ushahidi v 2.7.4 in local server with my apptwitter and it works fine.
when you fill you credentials twitter (consumer key , Access token …) in ushahidi backend settings/twitter after saving settings do you clik the button test settings to see success ? this verify if you twitter app communication is ok.
if this is the case so go to manage -> scheduler you have a list of task scheduler including twitter just click on the button Force run scheduler wait few seconds and go to the message twitter you have to see all messages using the Hashtags you defined in twitter settings.


Thanks. I managed to get it running.

Challenge is now to turn those messages to reports automatically.

Is there a way to get this done?



actually with ushahidi you have a button create it to do it manually.if you want to turn this messages automatically to reports you need coding and also to consider some others infos to have a good report like location, files etc …


Hi everybody,

I run Ushahidi 2.7.4 and I want to get Twitter messages on my platform. When I click on test settings, I received this message: “Error! - Incorrect Credentials”
I tried to fix it by clicking on “Force run scheduler” button, but I faced to this message:

What I have in line 98 of s_twitter.php is this: foreach($tweet_results->statuses as $tweet)
Can anyone help me to fix this issue?

Many thanks in advance


Hi Samaneh

Are you sure you enter all and right credentials of your twitter app (the twitter apps are listed ? I think you need to check again if you enter the good credentials in ushahidi setttings


Hi Amadou,

Actually I tried to use credentials that I received from someone else!
The problem is that I tried to create a new application in Twitter, users should add phone numbers. But Twitter does not accept phone numbers from Norway, the country I live, as all Twitter’s supported mobile carrier mentioned here:
So someone else who had Twitter application from before gave me credential information, but still I does not work and there is no possibility to create a new application on Twitter for me!

I got stuck solving this issue :frowning: