Gsoc introduction


I am Uwais Zaki, a sophomore at IIT Roorkee. I have experience in developing web applications using PHP, python frameworks, Django and DjangoRestFramework and javascript frameworks, React. I find your projects interesting and would like to participate in GSoC with this project. How do I proceed further?


Thank you Uwais for reaching out.

Please, head over to the community channel in Gitter, if you would like to ask questions about any projects before taking on them: .

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Hi, I am Jenniline an Outreachy applicant interested in contributing to the project “Ushahidi Data Platform Exchange” I have a question @davidlosada I am ready to contribute but I have a doubt is this project’s contributions to the “Ushahidi platform” or the “Ushahidi Platform-web client”? I ask this because I am in doubt on where to begin my contributions.


At least initially, this will be focused on the “Ushahidi platform” backend only