Green Categories?



I am quite involved in various projects which explore and train in various ways to protect the earth, food resources etc. I notice that categories such as land abuse, de-forestation, food wastage, water theft, threatened species, animal poaching etc are not included on the website, or in the default categories?

Can I make these categories up myself? If I do can my site visitors then use my report forms to add to these special categories?

If that is possible, can these reports then be submitted to the main Ushahidi websites even though those categories don't exist?



You can create more categories if you go to and they will be available on the main ushahidi website


so if I create new "green" categories on my site, then they will automatically appear as categories on the main ushahidi site?



hi Barry

Very interested to see if these ideas re: conservation (my specific interest is animal poaching, particularly rhinos) have gone anywhere...? Thinking about incorporating Ushahidi somehow to create a social tool to combat poaching, haven't quite thought about how to use the 'real time' aspect of it though - already got some incident maps using Google Maps etc... anyway if you've had any good discussions, or maybe want to open up the discussion again, I'd be glad to know...

Thanks, all the best



HI Barry and Warren, One of our more recent deployers has been working on similar topics:

His deployment: Global Animal Welfare

More Types of deployments on the wiki and community site.



The Green Business Awards celebrate excellence in green practice strategy and products .



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