Google Map Is Not Working For Me Ushahidi v2.7


Can someone please provide me some tips on adding Google Map API, I selected it from the Admin dashboard but it’s not displaying. :frowning:


Same gimp issue here. I google classroom also need help.


I am afraid Google Maps API have gone through changes and deprecation events since the release of v2 . I think it’s probable it won’t work.

In any case, there’s this line in the application/config/settings.php , where an api_google key can be provided. This could be a place to add a google maps api key :


I tried that but still not displaying



Hello guys. I have this problem. :frowning: I tried putting the key in the file (settings.php) but it did not work. Has anyone managed to solve it?

Thank you guys.


Please also take notice of the pricing model of google maps: .

I’m not completely sure if usage from Ushahidi would fall under any of the free SKU , if someone could investigate and confirm that would be a great help to others.