Github localization not updated from Transifex



Does Github stopped updating from Transifex? Most updates are from 2 months ago.

Greek (el) looks now 100% translated in Transifex but Githup is not updated.



Hi stnicolas,

we have already given notice to the Ushahidi dev team and they say they will look into it.



Hi Vassilis

Do you think the delay has to do with the updated version of the Ushahidi platform?




No idea. I just faced the same problem and gave notice to the dev team via twitter…


HI Stnicolas and vassilis.x, Language sets are released with the software. So we updated the most current ones on 2.7.   Note: Transifex syncs with github every few hours.  You can also pull from github to your deployment. This will not, however, work for crowdmap as those are hosted.

More details -