Getting data from previous deployments. Ushahidi Wiki/API not working?


Hi everyone,

I am working on a university project in the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in Germany, which aims to combine up-to-date satellite imagery and geo-visualisation on a big multi-touch tabletop for disaster management in the context of climate change and natural hazards. In the part of geo-visualisation, we want to combine environmental and socio-politic open data and crowdsourced (social media, etc.) data.

In this context, we want to get data from previous Ushahidi deployments (for example the Japan Tsunami or the Nepal Earthquake) in order to explore with different types of visualisation and also timeline exploration, etc.

The Ushahidi Wiki site doesn’t seem to work (proxy error)

Does anyone know where can I get infos about how to get/access the dataset?

The output of this project will be also open source, since we want to contribute to the community with better visualisations and dataset exploration that help users and responders better detect patterns.

Thank you very much in advance!!!


Hi Jordi,
I am also working on a university project quite similar to yours in form but not in content. We are also interested in analyzing crowdourced data via social media during emergency situations. I am interested in performing the same as what you’ve described in your initial post except that I am more interested in text than in images.
Have you managed to find a way to extract data from some previous Ushahidi deployment? Is this possible to achieve?

Thank you for sharing with me/and other people around here, the results of your search and your experience with that.

I hope all is going great with your work.

All the best,