Get coordinates from phone when submitting report on mobile version


Surely the magic in Ushahidi is the ability to take a persons coordinates and upload to the map along with the report.

I have browsed the plugins over and over, convinced that this must exist. Surely it would be easy for a coder (Sadly I am not or I’d make a plugin).

Is there a way to have a plugin where, when a person goes to submit a report on the mobile version  could there be an option “use current location” as there is with the App?


Hi Doug, can you please provide a few more details on the request?  Is there anything similar to it on our wiki or github?




Heather, thanks for getting back to me. I have browsed github and the wiki but cannot see anything.

Would it be more appropriate to add this wish to the wiki or github?

What I’m wishing for is a button on the mobile plugin where a person can choose “use current location” from their phone. As it stands they must enter the address manually.