Frontline SMS not reaching Crowdmap


An issue from Skype dev chat re: frontline cloud & FLSMS

I’m running an SMS data collection with my students (they’re reporting traffic conditions on their daily commute…). And then after the reports come in, I introduce them to Crowdmap so they can basically map out their peers’ reports.
I usually run this with FLSMS (and an outdated modem and simcard) and Crowdmap.
But this semester, I’m trying Frontline Cloud (set up a virtual number with World Text–the messages come in and out wonderfully!
But here’s the problem. They’re not being pushed to Crowdmap, despite that I’ve set up the activity. Frontline Cloud is showing that there has been activity generated, but it’s not reaching Crowdmap. I may have put in an incorrect value somewhere, OR, they might not be compatible. There seems to be discrepancy with the instructions on Crowdmap Version 1 and Frontline Cloud:
Crowdmap says: “Copy and paste this into the FrontlineSMS “Address” field:${sender_number}&m=${message_content}
Copy and paste this into the FrontlineSMS “Ushahidi API Key” field: VW2KTKSE”
BUT…Frontline Cloud WANTS:

  1. Target URL 2. HTTP method 3. Key, and 4. Value
    Can anyone explain this?

Thank you kindly.


@rem You should enable the frontlinecloud plugin on Crowdmap. Then in FrontlineCloud, create a Forward URL. See 1

Upload URL :

Request Parameters are:

s => ${trigger.sourceNumber}
m => ${trigger.text}
key => Input the key value from crowdmap frontlinecloud plugin

Request method should be set to POST

Is this the same issue being discussed in another email ? Perhaps you aren’t cc’ed on the thread.?


@eyedol Has to be the same. Must not be cc’d. Thanks for your time.