Frontline sms can't send sms to ushahidi v2


I have tried setting up frontline sms and ushahidi as document requires but it seems there is something wrong . I have the following issues.

  1. What does ushahidi mean by Copy and paste this into the FrontlineSMS “Address” field: <>. Should i use this text or my custom url the way is .

2. This is what am getting in my output in frontline sms, is there something wrong ?


I am also groupme suffering from this issue. Can someone help or letgo has any solutions. Thanks in advance.



After reading the documentation, one possible pitfall is this… FrontlineSMS should be directed to contact the API endpoint.

i…e your deployment URL (the address that you type in the browser) may be , but your platform API may be set up to listen at requests sent to .

In that case, FrontlineSMS should be configured with the URL

The exact way to refer to your API endpoint will depend on how you did your set up.