Forms: html / extra fields not visible on the report form


Hi, first: thank you, great tool!

I use the non-installed web version

- is it possible to use html (web-links!) in the description field?

- how can i display those extra fields, they are not visible



You can embed html into the description field. Not sure how you mean by display those extra fields that are not visible?


Tx and sorry, I was not precise

- web links are not automatically displayed as active links. people will have to use code <a href ... which is not comfortable

- I can add extra fields to the report-forms. The admin sees the field but not the user

Hope this is more precise

Tx, Stefan


Oh which version of Ushahidi are you running. If you have the latest, the extra fields should on the frontend.

Also the description field can't convert links into clickable ones as at now.


Latest as in master? I've got that deployed and the extra fields aren't showing in the public reports.


Yes master. Strange, will need to look into this. Making it to show on the frontend requires a bit of PHP coding.


I have a similar problem. When I add a custom field to the form and put "view answers" as only "admin" the field also stops appearing in the form. Any solutions?