Filtering the reports of today, this week and this month


I’m a newbie in Ushahidi. I want to add 3 buttons to filter the reports of 1)today, 2)this week and 3)this month. Would appreciate any help on how to perform this adaptation. Can I do it with a plugin or should I modify the core code?


I think this modification would be custom.  We’ve written this plugin guide.

You can also contact the community and team via email, skype or irc.




Thanks Heater. I already knew the plugin guide. It helped me to make my first “Hello World” plugin using views and controllers using successfully.

Do you know where I can find more information and examples of Plugin Actions?


Hi Ivangf, that is the only documentation we have as of yet. We will be adding more details in the coming month.

Perhaps this would be a good topic for the community call:

It would be good to hear from the community on how we can improve all the plugin information



OK, thanks Heather.