Examples of Ushaidi helping people in floods



I wonder if anyone can direct me towards any examples or case studies where Ushaidi has directly helped people in a flood?

A colleague and I are working on a presentation about the potential for crowd sourced information to help in flood response, and initial feedback suggested that the presentation is too focussed on the technical side of things, and we need to tell a human story.

Any information would be gratefully received


Hi Paul,

There's the Queensland Floods deployment - http://queenslandfloods.crowdmap.com for the floods in Queensland, Australia earlier this year and Pakreport for the floods in Pakistan: http://www.pakreport.org/ushahidi/

You may also visit out our community site (http://community.ushahidi.com) and blog (http://blog.ushahidi.com) for additional information and case studies.