Dynamic XML Sitemap for search


Many CMS provide a means of managing search engine sitemap submission. With a deployment, user generated content exists in the way of reports. These reports (pages), with their own title tags and content, are really powerful means of improving search engine optimisation.

Here is some literature on it:




I’ve gone through this process before with a static website and submitting the Sitemap to the major search engines really made a massive diference to my traffic volume.

Ideally, the sitemap would include URLS, images and, where someone has added video (I think thats possible on Ushahidi with a plugin right?), those too. The sitemap would start with the static pages (“reports”, “Home”, “Get Alerts” etc etc plus any pages a person has added to their deployment. Then, as new reports are approved and published, the site map would increment with each new page.

Following this the sitemap could be resubmitted automatically each time a new report or page is added.

If I had the coding skills I would do this myself, I’m told it’s not too difficult but in the case of a CMS such as Ushahidi it may be slightly more tricky as the structure is more complex to someone outside of the organisation.

I hope someone considers this! Either way, thanks for providing an awesome platform.


HI Doug, can you post this to github? I think it is something to consider for 3.0