Download as KML data


Hi. Is there a method to donwload the geographic information as a KML data?

I’ve seen that is possible to download only a text file inside which there are only the coordinates of the barycenter of polygons and lines.


in the admin panel, there’s a “Download Reports” addon. If you enable that, you will have a new tab on your deployment which sends you to https://[YOUR_DEPLOYMENT] - give that a shot.


Thanks! But if I’ve digitized polygons, in the downloaded KML file I can see only a point (like a barycenter) and not the sequence of points that form the entire polygon.


Good point. It looks like the plugin only supports points. You can see that here - That file could be updated to allow for it.


Thank You. Excuse me for my ignorance, where the file can be updated/uploaded?


This plugin only allows you to download KML files, not upload them with changes. Hope this helps!