Discussion Forums, Chats?


I am just looking around this platform, and can see the possibilities of it. However, I cannot find any plugins that allow you to insert either Discussion Forums or Chat rooms to the homepage of the sites.  My computer skills are very basic, so if I am missing something, please understand. Does this platform allow such? I would think the ability to communicate with your viewers would be very important. My issues with twitter or facebook, as I understand them, is there is no way to sort the subject of conversation by topic and as the traffic to the site grows, the ease of following any single topic/discussion would be extremely difficult.

Are there any plans to allow either of these to occur?


There have been some discussions / ideas that I am aware of about adding chat, but it sounds like it won’t happen until the distant future.

Possible routes:

Forum: I have considered taking the RSS feed and using it to seed topics on a separate dedicated forum (several have “create topic from RSS item” features)

You can also enable the “comments” feature on reports.

Chat: I know some groups have used a dedicated chat program (IM, Skype, IRC) in tandem with Ushahidi that operators use to communicate alongside (instead of as a part of) the deployment.


HI Loren and BlueBeard, We’re talking about how to redesign Ushahidi for more workflow and collaboration.

Perhaps you could file a feature request on github.com/ushahidi?