Developing Drupal/ Wordpress Modules for Ushahidi sharing


I'm working on developing ushahidi for monitoring the elections in Guinea this summer with Alliance Guinea. We would like to be able to share our map and data with partner websites/ orgs that are also monitoring events in Guinea. To do that I would like to create a module that would enable a wordpress-based site (for example) to publish our ushahidi map.

To do that, I would just use an iframe in the module that would point back to our ushahidi website. I need to understand the ushahidi bootstrap process so that when website/ushahidi/external is called, for instance, only the desired elements are displayed - the content of the front page minus the header, footer, background and menu.

I'm hacking though the code, but it would nice if someone could give me some pointers.




After some tinkering, I've answered my own question.

I want to create a unique template that can be displayed in external wordpress modules, etc., using an iframe.

The answer is to create a new controller file under /application/controllers.

I copied main.php and renamed it 'external.php' since I want it to be called when the url, 'http://website/ushahidi/external,' is called.

I named the class 'External_Controller and changed two lines. On lines 39 and 40, the header and footer template files are defined. They contain the html mark-up that I do not want, and both of which are located under '/application/views/.' So, I created new header and footer files, included them in the views folder, and then called them on lines 39 and 40 of my new external.php file.

Voila, a customized page.


Works like a charm. Thanks! Coupled it with Iframe Embedder by for an easy Wordpress Embed


Hello Damien,

could you maybe give me some directions how to create the external.php file and the associated class? I am also trying to load my Ushahidi instance in another website but somehow it gives me an error an says that I can't access main.php.




Thanks. This is the only solution I've found to make a separate page for an iframe.

Is there a way to do this while not changing the application folder? That feels to me like "hacking core." Thanks!


HI folks, We have a feature on the roadmap to make using ushahidi with Drupal and Joomla easier. Feel free to add more details here: