Default View - Location Awareness


Don’t you guys think it would be very nice to have the map automatically show the city closest to the person’s location rather than a particular default view for everyone? I could set the default view at the country level but then every single time, people would have to manually zoom in to see reports which sucks.


HI Shan, this is so complex. I know that you have built custom code around this.

Every deployment is different. People sometimes don’t set their location in their browser (privacy/security reasons). Sometimes people deploy in areas which are not in their city.

I do think there is some value in how zoom and discoverability works. I hope that you will watch for our posts about 3.0 and test out the versions. You can add feature requests to our github too.

Thanks again


That would be great feature request, we are in 2014, and yes, there exist GEO-IP services showing maps, based on browser IP, in case of mobile apps even easeier to take GPS for that and it matters a lot, where I am, since most likely people want to know what is happening around them.


I know there’s a plugin out in the wild that will automatically center the map on someones current location. Unfortunately I don’t know where to find it.

This isn’t actually that complicated, but it would require building out (or finding) said plugin, or modifying the core Ushahidi code. Some places to start would be something like this: for pulling the users current location, as reported by the browser. If you want to go the geoip route, resolving location on the server side, you can use something like to bake that in.