Database_Exception [ 1044 ]: Access denied for user \'\'@\'localhost\' to database \'



I’d like to try SwiftRiver. I cloned the repo on GitHub and followed the installation instruction at

I of course configured the database.php file with the right db and credential.

When I try to open the index page I get:

Database_Exception [ 1044 ]: Access denied for user ‘’@‘localhost’ to database ‘kohana’

MODPATH/database/classes/Kohana/Database/MySQL.php [ 108 ]


In the instruction I can’t find any referral to kohana database … May be I have to create it?

In addition: the error says Access denied for user ‘’ … semms using no user.

Any help?

Thank you



Hey Lorenzo,

This looks like an issue with the mysql server authentication. Have you added the correct username and password information to connect to the database?



If you refer to

Update the database configuration

as explained in  … yes, I did.



Have a look at this section.

‘connection’ => array(

            ‘hostname’   => ‘localhost’,

            ‘database’   => ‘’,

            ‘username’   => ‘’,

            ‘password’   => ‘’,

            ‘persistent’ => FALSE,


The ‘database’ field should be the name of your swiftriver database, ‘username’ should be the username you use to log into your mysql server e.g ‘root’ or whatever you set it as before, and ‘password’ should be the password corresponding to the username given above.

Are all these details in your configuration file correct?



I changed the default file with the information required.

I’ll verify again asap, but I’m sure of the changing.

Any other possible cause? the error message talk about a kahana database (that is not the name of my swiftriver db…)


I verified the file. As I remembered, I made the required changes, using my swiftriver database name, user and password.




Mind sending me your configuration file to