Customising the report view page



I would like to change a few things on the report view page - i.e. customise the way report is displayed. I mean the following page:


Basically, I would like the description to be displayed at the end, before all other fields of the form and custom fields are displayed. How can I do this?




This post will give you a clue:

Open up themes/default/views/reports/submit.php in your installation. Then move the description

block which looks like this in the default theme:

<?php echo Kohana::lang('ui_main.reports_description'); ?> *

<?php print form::textarea('incident_description', $form['incident_description'], ' rows="10" class="textarea long" ') ?>

above the custom reports which looks like this:

<?php echo $custom_forms ?>

Some html required. Good Luck.



ReportViewer is a freely redistributable control that enables embedding reports incannot be extended by adding custom renderers.