Crowdmap in Hindi and Gujarati


Hi! Can someone guide me on how to get Hindi and/or Gujarati languages (Indian languages) implemented in crowdmap? There’s amazing potential applications emerging here, like election monitoring, but we need to have the interface in the people’s local languages.

I don’t have the technical skills to do this on my own, but if you can put Ushahidi in something like then I can chip in with the content!

Pls contact me on nikhil.js [at] if anyone can help in this! Thanks!



This is actually in the implementation process. Ushahidi translations are being handled here: They will also be included in the 2.6 release which will be in 2 weeks time.

Glad that you’re happy to chip in :). More details can be found here on how it works and how you can help:




I submitted some translations in the Swedish translation on yesterday but it´s not showing on my map.

When is the translations updated on the crowdmaps from Transifex?



The new translations will be added to crowdmap with the 2.6 release which will be on the 23rd of October. Thank you so much for your contribution!