Contributor License Agreement Check


I tried to create a simple Pull Request to get warmed up: [PR to update README][1]

It mentions that “You can read and sign our full Contributor License Agreement here.” but I don’t see any link in the message.

I googled and found:[Ushahidi Google Form][2]. I filled it up and I did a [clabot:check] via email but I don’t see any visual feedback that filling up the form worked.

Is that the form or is there another form? Also, how do I know that the [clabot:check] worked for me or not. Please let me know if I have missed a step.



Never mind, I found the CLA link:


So I filled up the second form too and replied in my email with a [clabot:check] but I don’t see any feedback. Could someone let me know if I have missed any step?


Hey - sorry for the slow response on this. Our CLABot is just plain broken right now.
When I get a chance I’ll figure out how to either kill it or fix it up.


same thing here