Compile Android App



i’m trying to compile android app for Ushahidi, I just open the project using the IDEA and tried to compile, but it’s an error in any files string.xml and before he had given an error in Integer.xml he spoke it was with the name in capital letters and should be lowercased.

First when i try to compile:

When i change Integer.xml to integer.xml:

Thanks for help!


HI Ablankzin, I will ask our Android developer to take a look at this. Were you able to resolve your question?




It looks like he has solved it. I see him on github.


I try to compile the code and get same error.

What tag or brunch i can resolve?


The Android build process signs your application differently depending on which build mode you use to build your application.


Im having same problem. you said that resolve, but the values error continue.

And a problem that not find Theme.Shock i cant resolve, i need some help =/

Here i explain these errors:


Now i can compile only using android 4.2 api.

Can i compile using android 2.1 api? If i compile using api 2.1 i get Theme.shock errors!