Comment api trouble


this should work shouldn’t it




but getting {



code: “002”,

message: “Invalid Parameter”



do i have an invalid parameter or what ?


getting the incident report for it works btw


Hi Steve,

I’m really sorry for the late reply on this. I had a look and I realized you are running on an old version of the platform, i.e 2.0.1 :

So for what you were trying out you will need to upgrade to the latest version because the GET request work on version 2.4 onwards.

Upgrading is very easy and I can help you out if you need help. The upgrades can be found here. You need to download the zip file labelled  Upgrade from 2.0.1(Luanda) to 2.5 (Cairo) . Run the database upgrades first the upload the files to your server.

All the best.



i don’t own the install, i don’t know if they want to upgrade right now.

so getting comment was never supposed to work before 2.4?


That was when the fix was made. So for any version below that it may not work. Another option would be to pull in the specific fix from GitHub and merge it in the current version your deployment is running on. Problem is i’m not sure what may break in the process.

It would be a good thing if the owners could upgrade the deployment. A lot of other important features have been added and bug fixes have been made since then, which i’m pretty sure they’ll need.