Capacity to send and receive messages


Hi everyone,

I’m interested to hear experiences from those that have used SMS Sync in a high volume environment.  I notice on the features page the Android restriction on sending 100 messages per hour, but also that this can be turned off.

Can anyone share experiences of sending or receiving large numbers of messages?  It would be helpful to also know which handset and OS version you are using.

At peak we may need to send around 1000 messages a day - not enormous, but could present challenges.  We’ve not estimated the likely volume of incoming messages yet, but would expect it to be much lower.

I’d also be interested in strategies people have used to overcome these limitations in other ways.  For example, sending using multiple handsets.

Thanks in advance for any help.



HI Rob, I will ask our lead developer if there are mass examples.

How are your investigations going? Have you been testing? Henry will be doing an SMS update in the next months, so input is welcome.


Hi Rob, You can also log these issues on the SMSSync github repository:- Angela