Can I integrate Ushahidi into a Drupal site?


I have very little knowledge about web-hosting and CMS technologies. Still I was wondering if this can be achieved. Always I have seen sites which run Ushahidi are stand-alone sites. I was wondering if it will be possible to integrate a Ushahidi site into an existing news items site which uses Drupal? Something like a new tab on the home-page which takes to Ushahidi page(not a entirely different site). I want the Ushahidi instance to reside inside Drupal.


It can be done, but you'll need some coding expertise. Since Kohana (the framework used to build Ushahidi) is totally dependent on files residing in specific locations, it would be hard to truly integrate it with Drupal (which also leans heavily in files being in expected places).

However, you could add a Drupal page to the tab you describe, put an iframe on that pag,e then embed an Ushahidi site in the iframe. By writing you own Ushahidi theme (or modifying an existing one) with colors and styles to match your Drupal site, it would look like ushahidi was actually part of the Drupal site.